This project’s aspiration is to unite two different cultures in the process of sharing knowledge and innovate in the creation sector of wild yeasts.

Main Objective: The enrichment of technological knowledge regarding harvesting and cultivating wild yeast strains from Belgium in a mutual Romanian – Belgian partnership and the education of the young brewers.

In Romania, the phenomenon of craft beer is recently new. The new generation of young people raised at the end of the socialist period is eager to innovate and change the perception of beer. 

Artisanal beer became an experience that brings people together for the taste and appreciation of the brewer’s work, the focus being always on the creation and on the quality.

Belgian beer was well known around the world a long time before entering the UNESCO heritage in 2016. A country with a population of only eleven million and a half has over 400 micro and nano breweries, most of them being independent or family owned. 

The diversity of the Belgian beers is astonishing, over 1500 different beers of different styles, ale or spontaneously fermented. Belgium is proud to have specific spontaneously fermented beers that can be made only in some regions due to the wild yeast and bacterias that can be found only in some areas of their country. Some famous beer styles spontaneously fermented are lambics, gueuzes, Flemish red ales or Oud bruins.

For eight years, craft breweries provided vocational, educational training and jobs for the youth segment and the continuous development of the brewing scene will contribute over years, in adding Romania on the map of countries with a tradition of producing craft beers.

Ascomycota, innovative yeast cultivation from Belgium to Romania or Ascomycota’s main goal is to help develop young brewers, or young graduates, aspirants of this alimentary sector through a practical training from a Belgian specialist in fermentation and wild yeasts.